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Burning Stump Non-Invitational Intra-Squad Track Meet-like Event. Friday, April 29, 2022

The cancellations call for the dusting off of the old Burning Stump Meet. At UWL, anytime we went to a track meet that looked like it was barely functioning and held together with spit & duct tape, my coach would make a comment about how it should be renamed the "The Burning Stump Invite". I know this season has been rough but cancellations are not new. We have run the burning Stump about every 3rd year because of April weather. So here it is, a chance for some fun, to try something new, and a way to force a competition in April. All parents, guardians, and lovers of track are welcome to watch. There will most likely be middle school and Viterbo practice happening at the same time. Embrace the chaos.

See attached order of events.

Burning Stump 2022
Download PDF • 78KB


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