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Hi senior families! 

We've arranged for senior track photos from The Studio prior to the 3/23 Saturday meet. You will be able to order a banner ($60) as well as other photo packages. See information below with details and let Corrine Holtz or I know if you have any questions. *We are missing some senior athlete and parent email addresses so please forward! 


Jen Poelma, parent (608)386-6967

From The Studio: 

We're looking forward to photographing Central's Track and Field seniors this year on March 23rd at 11am at The Studio. We are located at 419 Main Street in La Crosse. Off street parking may be available directly behind our building in State Bank parking spots labeled 115-119 (to the left of the bank drive thru area). Each senior will be photographed for their individual senior banner on a green screen background along with another pose so a senior group picture can be created. 


Seniors should bring their full uniforms. Once designed, the senior banners will be uploaded to an online gallery so parents can view, approve and order their individual banner. Parents are responsible for the cost of their athlete's banner ($60).


If there are any seniors who are unable to be photographed that day, they should call The Studio and set up a time to be photographed at The Studio ASAP. 

Once you receive notification that the banners are online, please review and order your banner ASAP so the deadline can be met. It is important to us that you LOVE your banner! If you have ANY questions or concerns at all please contact Sue at The Studio. 


Senior's choose their pose for their individual senior banners.  While most parents encourage their seniors to select whatever pose they want, if parents have a SPECIFIC request regarding their senior's banner pose (ie. smile/no smile or with or w/out a prop), they should let their senior know prior to the photo shoot. Tad will help any seniors pose for those that aren't sure what pose to do. Seniors are only photographed in the single pose that they choose for their individual banner. It is ideal to have a variety of poses on the banners.

Once designed, the senior banners will be placed in an online gallery. Senior parents can also order prints (with or without the banner text) of their individual banner through the site if they'd like with their approval as well. Note that if collectively $400 in PRINT orders is received, we'll donate a 5' senior group banner. Note that we are NOT scheduled to photograph the teams/individuals.

The packages available are listed below:

SENIOR GROUP AND INDIVIDUAL PACKAGESPKG A1: 1-4x6 (indiv) + 1-5x7 (senior group)  $27 PKG A2: 8x10 composite (includes individual and senior group)  $27PKG B1: 2-4x6, 8 wallets, 2 pin, 2 magnet buttons (indiv) + 1-5x7 (senior group) $47PKG B2: 8x10 composite, 1-4x6, 8 wallets, 2 pin, 2 magnet buttons $47PKG C1: 1-5x7 (indiv) + 1-8x10 (senior group) $31PKG C2: 10x13 collage (includes individual and senior group) $31PKG D1: 2-5x7, 16 wallets 2 pin, 2 magnet buttons (indiv) + 1-8x10 (senior group) $57PKG D2: 10x13 composite, 1-5x7, 16 wallets, 2 pin, 2 magnet buttons $57INDIVIDUAL ONLY PACKAGESPKG E: 1-8x10 (indiv) $21PKG F: 2-5x7 (indiv) $21PKG G: 1-5x7, 2-4x6 (indiv) $21PKG H: 1-5x7, 4 wallets (indiv) $21PKG I: 4-4x6 (indiv) $21PKG J: 4 wallets (indiv) $15PKG K: 8 wallets (indiv) $21PKG L1: 1 PIN BACK button, 2-4x6 (indiv) $21PKG L2: 1 MAGNET BACK button, 2-4x6 (indiv) $21

PKG M: 2 keychains $17PKG N1: 2 buttons (pin back) $17PKG N2: 2 buttons (magnet back) $17SENIOR GROUP ONLY PACKAGESPKG O: 1-8x10 (senior group) $20 PKG P: 1-5x7 (senior group) $18PKG Q: 12x18 poster (senior group or individual) $28PKG R: 3x4 vinyl senior banner (w/ grommets) $60

Please let us know if you have any questions at all by calling 608-782-1080. Thank you and have a great day!





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