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Weekly Update April 4, 2022

Track Meets

There are no scheduled meets this week. We are considering have an intra-squad (Central Only) meet on Friday. We affectionately call this The Burning Stump non-Invitational. Historically there are a few fun events with the final event being a 4x400 relay. We divide the boys and girls team into equal groups (8-10 per relay team). Everyone has to run some distance. It can be as little as 10 meters, exchanges can happen anywhere on the track. Place your people to give you the best chance. EVERYONE runs.

Sprint Break Next Week

Thursday, April 14th through Monday, April 18th. On that Monday we have a track meet at Prairie du Chien. If you have any conflicts for practice or the meet let your head coaches know so you don't get entered to compete.

Weather / Dress

Temperatures are creeping up. It is still too cold to come to practice without warmups. ALWAYS wear them you can take them off after the warmup if you feel it is necessary. You need to stay healthy for the next 9 weeks. Taking care of your body starts with simple things like this.


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