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(Updated 5/22) State Tournament Series (Regionals/Sectional/State)

Track has always been a strange sport to me. Instead of the team ending its season ending in some epic final contest, it becomes an ending of attrition. Some athletes finished their season at the Conference meet this past Saturday. Others will finish at the JV Conference meet, many at Regionals, and a few more at Sectionals. A lucky few will have their final competition at the State meet. At some point you look around it is summer and it's over. Such is the State Tournament Series.

Mon, May 23 Regionals, Saul Prairie - Bus departs 12:50 pm

If you wear them, have solid black base layers for under your uniform.

The Regional meet is a qualifier for the Sectional meet. You must be top 4 to advance to the Sectional meet. Entries are similar to the Conference format. 28 individual entries. Relay team members do not count toward the total. You can enter as few as 0 and no more than 3 people in an event. The lineup for Conference is not necessarily what will happen at Regionals. Coaches will first check local results, current team performances, and see what events have the best chance to make it through to the State Meet. We also are looking for input from the athletes. This differs a bit from a Conference meet. In the Conference meet, many athletes are asked to compete in multiple events for the best team success. In the tournament series, we talk to the athletes about times/distances/strengths of the area teams, and what the best chances are but we are interested in letting these have a say in events.

Relay teams are often similar but not the same as Conference. We need to list 6 people for each relay team. We can run anyone from the 6 during Regionals/Sectionals/State. We take this selection very seriously and look at the obvious (fastest times), but also consistency, dependability, ability to take/give a baton, etc. The 2 people who do not compete need to commit to being there, warm up with the team, and be able to stand in on a moment’s notice. An alternate's role can be exciting/disappointing/and is selfless. They are a true teammate and a part of the relay's success. The WIAA awards 6 medals to state-qualifying relays and state medaling relay teams. They also understand the importance of the "next person up" pushing, helping, and truly being part of the team.

I like to think of this meet as Sectional prelims. We are not necessarily trying to set records and always sell out 100%. Sometimes that is what it takes, other times we have to be smart and just do what has to be done to secure our top 4 finish. It is about competing smart. Three days later at Sectionals, it will be an all-out battle. There are no Regional Champion medals, it is a qualifier.

Wed, May 25 Track Letter Ceremony, New Commons, 6pm.

Thurs, May 26 Sectionals, Baraboo, Bus departs 1:00 pm.

If you wear them, have solid black base layers for under your uniform.

The Sectional meet is a qualifier for the State Meet. Two different Regionals will feed a Sectional meet. That will give 8 competitors in each event. This is a very quick (in track terms) event with very high levels of competition. These have always been some of my favorite meets to watch. There is an intensity about it. Everyone knows what is online and everyone is good. I have seen some of the best performances of the season occur at this meet over the years. It's exciting to know that there are state-level competitors in EVERY event. You finish in the top the 3 to advance to the State Tournament. You also receive state qualifying medals.

Fri/Sat June 3/4 State Tournament (We have the Friday morning session, some field event athletes will warm up at 8:30 and start competing at 9:30.

If you wear them, have solid black base layers for under your uniform.

This is one of the most impressive meets I have ever competed in. If your son/daughter is able to compete on this stage it is an amazing experience they will never forget. If your son/daughter did not make the competition I encourage you to get a ticket and see this it will get them excited about track and field. Competing in front of a packed stadium of rabid track fans is an experience I wish I could give every athlete.

Good Luck to all this tournament season.



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